Studio B Gallery Artists - Kagetsu Buic

Kagetsu buic

Melbourne based artist, Kagetsu Buic specialises in fine-art landscape photography from around the world. Originally from Darwin, Kagetsu is of German and Slavic background and lived a short time in Croatia and Japan. This diverse upbringing instilled a desire to see and be a part of the world. From the age of four, Kagetsu enjoyed shooting family travels on his 16mm film camera and was always very interested in the technological advances being made in the photography medium. At 24, he adopted the digital SLR medium and began developing his artistic style, taking inspiration from his love of nature and architectural design. It was at this point Kagetsu began using and fell in love with the medium format camera and his love of nature and exploration led him to the wild with landscape photography. 

Kagetsu’s passion for nature has been influenced by such people as Ansel Adams and, David Attenborough. His photography has evolved over the years to also feature a great many animal portraits, trying to capture their essence within their natural landscapes.

Kagetsu now resides in Melbourne and is completing his honours year in mechanical engineering in between photographic trips.